Super Junior (SJ) and Super Junior M (SJ-M) arrived separately in Taipei in the afternoon on the 10th, “Super Junior Super Show III” will be held tonight at the Taipei Super Dome, tickets had already sold out very early on. In the past few days the unwritten rule that female stars need to sleep around has been explosively revealed in the Korean entertainment industry, as the members were leaving the media asked them about this matter, they did not say a word and quickly exited. At midday yesterday SJ had arrived first, there were approximately 300 plus fans who met them at the airport, in the evening SJ-M arrived and as many fans had finished school, there were nearly 500 plus fans who met them at the airport. Due to the incident at the performance in China a few days ago when fans chased their cars and caused a collision, Taiwan fans were particularly self-disciplined this time, they restricted each other from wildly chasing their cars, so they could maintain good discipline for their idols
SJ Arrive in Taiwan in Two Groups
On the 10th Super Junior arrived in Taiwan again, at the airport they waved to the media
Super Junior M Arrive in Taiwan
After Super Junior M arrived in Taiwan in the evening on the 10th,
they immediately rushed to the performance venue for rehearsals
Source: China Times
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