After a successful Super Show 3 performance and warm reception in Hong Kong, the members of Super Junior M will be staying in Taiwan for an estimated 2 months, and have a few things to say regarding it.
The members stressed that although they’d love to go out and explore the area more, the amount of fans following them when they go out is too much to deal with, indicating they are still wary of possible accidents.
Though members Donghae and Siwon do have filming in Korea, the other members were open to endorsements and commercials, as they have hired a teacher to instruct them in Mandarin, should the fans lessen their constant following of them.
Despite that, they did state that they had gone to a few places in the area. Zhou Mi stated that they went to the Shih Lin Night Market, and ate at famous restaurant, while Henry also treated the members to Taiwanese-style fried chicken. When asked if they had tried other cuisine, they stated again that they weren’t able to go out often due to the crowds. They finished off by saying that they do hope to eventually be able to move more freely throughout the area, and interact with fans on a better level, as they are going to stay for a longer duration than normal.
What do you think of their thoughts?
Sources: SJ World and Yahoo! Taiwan, koreaboo
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