In  the evening on March 26th, the Stars Concert led by Han Geng took   place at the Hunan International Convention & Exhibition Center.    Because it was his first stage appearance in Changsha after such a long   time, Han Geng’s appearance in the evening surely made Gengfans  excited.   After performing <Holding an Umbrella>, <My  Logo>,  <Love Letter to a Stranger> and <Heartache,  Notebook>, Han  Geng revealed that he is now preparing his second  album.
Three days before the concert in Changsha, Han Geng  attended Da S and  Wang Shaofei’s wedding together with the <My  Kingdom> crew.  After  spending few months filming together, the film  crew has established a  strong friendship.  Therefore, Han Geng invited  the film’s second female  lead, Annie Ye, to the concert.
At  the concert venue, Annie Ye highly praised Han Geng as a kind-hearted   man and that he worked very hard during filming.  Nonetheless, Annie Ye   who always gives striking comments also said, “Actually Han Geng is   very repressed in private and keeps things only to himself.  (I) hope   everyone can give him more care and love.”
Last June, Han Geng  held a show case to formally declare going solo at  the Great Wall.  On  July 17th, he held his first-ever solo concert  marking a decisive step  after going solo.  “Geng Xin Concert” meant much  to Han Geng.  At the  (Changsha) concert, Han Geng also promised his  fans that he would hold a  concert as soon as possible after release of  the second album.

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