Super Junior’s Leeteuk has been voted as the one of the best group leaders! On the 16th of March episode of Pops In Seoul, they have released the top five idol group leaders who battled for the title as the “Top Leader” amongst its international fans.
Known for his understand yet decisive nature, Super Junior’s Leeteuk is considered to be the member who continues to create harmony within the group – making him as the fans’ choice for the poll.
Following his lead on second spot is Secret’s Hyosung who is famous amongst their fans for the encouragement she’d given when the group first debuted. According to them, it was Hyosung who brought Secret to where they are now after they have faced criticisms during debut. On third is 2AM’s Jokwon who is noted for his eight years of training experience under JYP Entertainment and continued to lead his group to be named as one of the top idol ballad groups in the industry.
After School’s Gahee came in at the fourth spot of the ranking who is dubbed to be the group’s charm with her experience as a back-up dancer prior debut and soft singing voice. Coming in last on fifth spot is Bigbang’s G-Dragon who became a leader because of his talent and experience despite having TOP as their oldest member.

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