Super Show 3 – Super Junior the 3rd Asia tour- that held on 29-30th January 2011 in Singapore rocked the night. Super Junior showed the most entertaining side of them that pleasing all the ELF who attended the concert.What is the most surprising us is 60% of the audience are Indonesian Elf. They even held a project to give 10 Gold Medals for Super Junior.  Each Medal costs about $ 442.77.
We could see on the picture Eunhyuk wore the Gold medal. Some fanaccount said other member of Super Junior also took the Gold Medal such as Siwon and Yesung. Leeteuk even said thank to Indonesian Elf for the award ( Gold Medal).
Good job! We hope there will be Super Show 3 in Jakarta as well to satisfy Indonesian Elf :)
Photos : edrictjandra @ twitter and evilFs @twitter
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Credits to. SPAO’s Official Website | Shared & Caps by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Concert in Singapore has ended!!! Will travel abroad to Singapore for a trip if (I) have the chance~ Had been going around in other countries (from time to time), now that I have returned to Korea (,) it feels like I’ve been on a holiday ㅋㅋ but (going on the) Asia tour was really happy!!! Thank you (,) Singapore’s ELF~ See you next time^^
Source: @AllRiseSilver
Chinese translation: 洙__希 @ 百度SJ吧
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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@ShinsFriends: 싱가폴다녀왓습니다 !!^^ 싱가폴은 야경이 끝내죠요 ~~ 호텔에서찍은 야경!! 와우 !! 써프라이즈!!!!
@ShinsFriends: I came back from Singapore !!^^ The night view in Singapore is amazing ~~ The night view that I took from the hotel!! Wow!! Surprise!!!!
Translated by hyoimieholic at SJ-WORLD.NET
Original Source  @ShinsFriends twitter (Edited the Source)
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Idol group Super Junior has once again proved their superior popularity in Asia.
Super Junior held their ‘The Third Asia Tour – Super Show 3 in Singapore’ in Singapore’s largest indoor concert hall, the Indoor Stadium. Despite the rain and rough weather, over 20,000 fans gathered to see Super Junior’s first solo concert in Singapore.

For three hours, Super Junior had not only performed their hit songs ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘U’, and ‘Bonamana’, but they showed off other songs and solo stages where the different colors of each member could be seen. The audience went wild with the diverse attractions that only ‘Super Show’ could have, such as their different member introductions and quirky comments.
Like their Seoul concert, the ‘Super Show 3′ was a gigantic technical affair, as it boasted a holographic screen, laser beams, and other fancy stage attractions that caught the eyes of the locals around the concert area.
One could have expected this Singapore concert to be a huge success simply because of the hot competition for tickets. Not only did the server crash due to the sheer amount of fans stampeding to grab a ticket, but all seats for the 1st concert were sold out within ten minutes of site restoration.
Because of this, the 2nd concert tickets were sold both on and offline, resulting in fans lining up all night before the tickets were available for sale.
Super Junior had not only demonstrated their awesome ticket-power, but they also brought down the house with a successful concert that left Singapore fans hoping for a quick return.

Source: Sports Chosun via Daum
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Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed that he had once received f(x) Krystal’s consent for her hand in marriage.
On the 30th, both Leeteuk and Krystal appeared on the MBC show ‘Enjoy Today’. On this episode, viewers were able to see the first meeting of the two members for their music project on the ‘Enjoy Ballad’ corner.
While heading to their rehearsal, Leeteuk asked Krystal, “Why did you choose me as your duet partner? Is it because you wanted to win, or because you promised to get married to me a long time ago?”
Leeteuk then reminisced back the day they first met and continued, “Didn’t you like it when I asked you to come get married to me?” To everyone’s amusement, Krystal replied, “At the time, I was scared of you so I just replied like that.”
Krystal then shot back at Leeteuk, saying “At the time, I said that I’d get married to all of the oppas in the company. One of them even kissed me,” leading to Leeteuk’s shocked expression on screen.
Credit: allkpop
Source: Celebrity News via Nate

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Local fans of Korean boyband Super Junior waited long and hard before the group’s Super Show concert finally made it to our shores.
On Saturday night, five years after their debut in 2005, the boys held their first sold-out concert in Singapore to a full house crowd of 6,000 ardent fans. They went on to throw an equally resounding successful second show yesterday after a press conference with the local media in the late afternoon.
Previously confined to the boundaries of Asia, international fans around the world have more reason to celebrate in 2011.
The prolific group has plans to bring a brand new Super Show 4 showcase to the rest of the world “after the release of their fifth album” this year, so says band leader Leeteuk, 27, when asked to share on the group’s plans and goals for 2011.
“We won’t restrict it [Super Show 4] to only Asia”, he smilingly adds, during an interview with xinmsn yesterday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
Before the press conference and interview, members of the media were told to submit their questions beforehand for the Korean management’s perusal. When xinmsn tried to further probe the members to share more about their upcoming fifth album, their Korean publicist stepped in and restricted the media from asking any other questions surrounding the topic.
This is the group’s second visit to Singapore after their first whirlwind stopover in June last year and the boys are “honoured” to be the first Korean group to hold a two-day concert on our little isle.
Global superstars they may be, they sure didn’t come across as standoffish or haughty with their mannerisms and gestures.
Speaking of diehard fans who unflinchingly queued day and night in the continuous torrential rains over the weekend, Eunhyuk, the group’s best dancer, earnestly expressed, “We’re so touched by fans that despite the rainy weather and heavy downpours, they are all outside in the downpour waiting for us.
“We are really touched by the support.”
At one point during the press conference, leader Leeteuk even got up from his seat and offered a reporter his microphone during the Q&A segment, setting off a wave of exclamations as he charmed the entire floor with his affable presence.
Standing before the reporter, he commented on the fender bender both he and Heechul met with on the highway after landing in Singapore on Friday evening.
Despite the close call which involved seven vehicles, the duo emerged unscathed from the incident and had nothing but words of concern for their fans.
“As long as my fans are fine, we are fine,” Heechul, 27, coolly replied, grinning from ear to ear.
Leeteuk chimed in, “In future for security reasons, we want fans to be careful and take care of themselves too.”
During the interview, when asked to share on little quirks and weird habits practiced by various members of the group, Heechul, who was initially ousted as “the one” looked a little flabbergasted when the microphone was placed in his hands.
After a little deliberation amongst themselves, the boys eventually revealed that the group’s vocalist, Yesung, had a queer habit of “drinking lots of energy drinks before the concert starts.”
Apparently the 26-year-old also believes that computer games are a strong indication of a concert’s success and failure.
“He loves to play computer games related to sports. And if the games don’t go well, he believes that the concert won’t go well,” the boys chuckled, sending the room of people into peals of laughter.
Heechul thinks he’s a genius! Watch his video interview here!
Leeteuk wants his fans to be careful! Watch his video interview here!
(More videos coming soon!)
Credit: xin.msn
Text: Joanna Goh
Videos: Teng Siew Eng & Fiona Lin

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Happy Chinese New Year everybody.. please give lots of love to Yesung’s Solo Song Waiting for you ^^
Source: @shfly3424
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During Super Show 3 Singapore, somebody threw a red object and hit yesung on the head. Its obvious he was hit pretty hard as you can see in MyBabycloud’s pictures from a different angle. Please dont throw anything at the idols. Even if it was an accident, this could stir up problems that are not even necessary. I say this because the object was red colored, not sapphire blue, ELF might go into defense and the first thing that goes on in their head is ”This person is from a different fanclub”. 
Because were here to protect our idols, if we felt a little that our idols are being picked on, bashed, or threaten we will defend. Im just saying the truth, no offense to whoever it was, maybe it was just a big accident, but please be careful next time.

Source: Yesung Baidu included.
 Photo credit: MYBABYCLOUD & ….
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On April 16, “The 4th K-POP Super Live” will be held at the Chia Makuhari Event Hall in Japan. The featured performers are SHINee, Super Junior, The Boss, and solo artist Shin Hyesung.
The performance will be split into two sections, with a daytime part (starting at 1:00 PM) and an evening part (starting at 6:00 PM). All tickets cost 9800 yen.
This is the 4th annual Super Live concert; last year, members of Shinhwa, SG Wannabe, and members of Super Junior performed in Tokyo.
Source: Oricon , Koreaboo
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As major veteran stars in the music industry, Super Junior is known for putting on large-scale concerts and shows, and their Super Show 3 is not an exception. Their show in Singapore, which was already extravagant, was upgraded in order to provide a better concert experience to their loyal fans. With these new upgrades came a higher cost. The show had a predicted cost of an estimated 1,500,000 million Singaporean dollars. That’s about 1,303,966,000 Won and about 1,200,000 USD. This cost incorporates the costumes, equipment, crew, special stages, and large central stage, which alone already cost over 500,000 Singaporean dollars.
Running Into the Sun, the concert organizing company, planned to have the Singapore concert replicate the concert in Seoul, from concert outfits, setlist, and even the basic stage design. The purpose of this was to allow for even the fans that are sitting in the farthest back corners to have the chance to interact with the boys of Super Junior.
Cheryl Han, the publicist for Running Into the Sun said, “In some concerts, you see only a small shadow of the performer, but not with Super Junior. No matter where you sit, the boys come very close to you.”
Despite initial concerns about the extremely large cost, Running Into the Sun’s fears were eliminated once the summer showcase Super Junior held proved to them that the boys were capable of drawing in an extremely large audience as well as put on a strong, good show. With a concert of this type of scale, Super Junior is now considered to be in the same league of large, big-named stars such as Rain, Jay Chou, and Muse who have already performed in Singapore.
Han continued with, “Super Show 3 has already attracted more than five big sponsors including telecommunications companies, banks, and big name beverage companies.”
While fans may have worried about the extra costs will mean an expense at their end of a higher ticket price, they need not worry. SM Entertainment and Rising Into the Sun both kept the ticket price low at the highest price only going to 300 Singaporean dollars, or about 230 USD.
Article by Asterik @ Koreaboo
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BoA and Super Junior member, Yesung, have been reported to participate in the OST of TVXQ Max Changmin’s drama “Paradise Ranch.” We reported last week that BoA’s OST song “My Only One” was set for release on January 27th. However, f(x)’s song for the drama “You Are Hiding A Secret” and TVXQ’s “Journey” ft SNSD’s Seohyun were both released instead.
Other SM artists that are showing their support for Max Changmin’s first drama is Super Junior’s Yesung. BoA’s “My Only One” is about a parting with a lover and remembering the heartbreaking breakup. Yesung’s track “Waiting For You” is about a man who will wait until the end of the world for his lover to return.
Both tracks will be released on various music sites on January 31st, such as Bugs and melon.
Source: Newsen & Koreaboo
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Singapore concert .. I’m leaving after finishing it safely ㅎㅎ I’m going to prepare well and show you my good side at the ballad concert that will be held soon ^^ Thank you E.L.F!!
*He spelled Singapore wrong.  He spelled it Singapong.
Source: Yesung Twitter
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
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[Hong Kong news January 29, 2011] For the first time as a soloist, Han Geng holds the <Han Geng Signing Event for (his) Latest Hong Kong Limited Edition Concept Book> in Hong Kong today. Nearly 500 fans show up to support the idol. He will meet with fans at the fans meeting to be held at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (“KITEC”) tomorrow. He looks forward to it and is very excited about it. He has prepared some special performances for everyone. Han Geng expresses that he is fine that fans want handshakes or hugs. He is not worry if fans are overly zealous and trusts that they are sensible.
Han Geng became friends with Joey Yung (Joey) filming together. But Joey cannot attend his fans meeting due to work. He says that when he is free, Joey is not. When Joey is free, it is his turn to be busy. Therefore they have not had a chance to get together yet. He does not know that the Japanese star Yamashita Tomohisa is going to have a concert at the KITEC on the same day (as his fans meeting). But if he has time, he wants to attend (the concert) and to learn from his stage experience.
The super popular Han Geng has many fans. He is very friendly when he meets the fans who have long waited for him. He also leaves Chinese New Year greetings to fans. No wonder (why he is) deeply loved! Han Geng also expresses that he hopes to taste more good food at the shopping centre during his stay in Hong Kong and to buy some specialties to bring back to mainland China.
Chinese New Year is approaching, Han Geng expresses that he will spend the holiday at home with their parents and participate a few Spring Festival Gala programs. Among the food items for Chinese New Year, he likes to eat dumpling the most. When asked if he has received any red pockets from fans, he says no. But the staff members say (he) has received quite a few (and they) have put all of them in the hotel, just have not told Han Geng about it. Also, Han Geng’s first movie <My Kingdom> is coming soon. He hopes to receive a lot of support from everyone.
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Han Geng Repays Zealous Fans with Hugs
Ming Pao News reports that Korean Boy Band Super Junior former member Han Geng is going to hold his first ever fans meeting in Hong Kong at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre today and celebrate his birthday with fans from all over the world. He is also ready to pull out all the stops performing songs and dances. But unfortunately he mocks at his own thin figure and has no plan to wear sexy clothes to expose any muscles.
Han Geng showed up for the signing event for his Hong Kong limited edition concept book in Tsuen Wan Discovery Park Shopping Centre yesterady. Nearly 500 fans came to support the event. In order to repay fans’ love, the cheerful Han Geng said open-handedly, “(I) don’t mind having handshake or hug with them. (I) know they are sensible and (I) am not worry about being scratched.”
Source: Yahoo! Music Hong Kong
Translated by:
Han Geng Came to Hong Kong To Meet With Fans
Han Geng thanks fans for their kindness (T/N: giving him red pockets $ for Chinese New Year) though (he) hopes everyone not to give too much (to him). He would rather they use the money for charity (that way) he will be happier.
Really Drinking for Filming Drunken Scene
Also, Han Geng’s first starred movie <My Kingdom> is coming out soon. He hopes to receive a lot of support from everyone. He reveals that there is a scene where he was drunk. In order for him to immerse (in the character), the director made him drink two bottles of wine. As for the next movie, he wants to try acting a killer role and does not mind shaving his head or looking fat. He longs to working with Tony Leung and Andy Lau because they are his favorite actors. He also wants to work with Jacky Cheung. For music, he is preparing his second solo album. Fashion style and music will be different from the present and he hopes to overturn his previous image. He also hopes to hold a concert in Hong Kong at the end of the year.
T/N: Only new info not reported by Ming Pao News and on Jan 30, 11 is translated here.
Source: Ta Kung Pao Hong Kong
Translated by:
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Super Junior have taken the stage at the press conference!
Heechul “I’m Genius” – on his idea for Lady Gaga
When asked about the car accident in Singapore, Heechul said ” as long as the fans are fine, we are fine”
Also, Lee Teuk said that he hope that fans will be careful in future for security and safety reasons.
Hee Chul replied the reporter before the translator translated the question because he heard ‘lady gaga’ and said ‘I’m genius”
And when they were asked “how does it feel to have your concert sold out in 1.5 hours in Singapore”
Eunhyuk answered “We will work harder to make it sold out in 30mins”
The press conference only lasted 10-15mins.

Source: SGKWave
You can also listen to the record of the press conference HERE (LOL at Heechul’s “I’m a genius” xD)
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