Regardless of whether the allegations are true, or the result of an increasingly wary industry, the issue of plagiarism has been a hot topic as of late. CNBLUE have been the recent victims of accusations, with their comeback title track “Intuition” being compared to Jewelry’s “Truth Game”, and it seems that girl group Secret and idol veterans Super Junior also had to defend their work against the rampant plagiarism accusations.
Secret appeared on the March 9 broadcast of MBC “Radio Star”, on which Super Junior’s Heechul appears as a regular host, and performed their hit singles “Madonna” and “Magic” in a battle against SISTAR. The girls were accosted by the MCs who questioned, “Aren’t these both the same songs? Even the choreography is the same. What exactly is different about them?”
Sunhwa explained that both songs were written by the same composer, thereby suffering similarities. But as to whether this affected the originality of the song, and in response to MC Kim Gura’s question as to whether they were embarassed by the similarities, Sunhwa insisted, “Not at all. We thought of it as our own unique colour, so we were very proud.”
MC Heechul also rose to defend Super Junior when asked about the similarities between their internationally recognized “Sorry Sorry” and comparably famous “Bonamana”. Like Sunhwa, Heechul explained that both tracks were written by the same composer, in this case, Yoo Youngjin. “‘Bonamana’ was like an extension of ‘Sorry Sorry’,” the Super Junior member offered.
MC Yoon Jongshin was asked to share his thoughts as a composer. He said, “It’s their own song so it shouldn’t be a problem. I do think that they consciously composed it like that since the previous track had done so well.”
Do you think it’s plagiarism if it’s written by the same composer? Do you accept that each song is made unique by those who perform it?

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