Super Junior Kangin reveals his current situation after enlisting in the army, claimed to have been reborn

Super Junior Kangin disclosed his current situation. Kangin uploaded a recent photo of him through the army's website and revealed his life in the army via a video interview. As he was talking about his life after enlisting in the army, he said “before entering the army, I have let my family and people who cared about me down, causing them to be disappointed and for this, I have reflected on it many times. Besides that, every night I fall asleep thinking “Will I be able to regain those love and care?”

“I have lost a lot of weight, became healthier and have also come to understand the country better. Although us soldiers often have to go through hardships, need to strive hard and are always on high alert, we will ensure that the citizens of the country will continue to have a peace of mind and have more confidence towards the country.”

“I hope that I can be unselfish, and become someone who does not constantly think of the past mistakes, and at the same time be more understanding towards others. Although I have only enlisted in the army for 6 months, I can already feel that I’m a changed person.”

At the end, Kangin expressed that “fans, I really miss everyone, when I stand before all of you once again, I will stand tall without an ounce of shame. I will be someone who is healthy inside and out.” Although Kangin looked thinner compared to before entering the army in the published photo, he is looking much healthier. Kangin joined the army last July and became a soldier responsible for communication.


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