Beginning tonight, Super Junior and Super Junior M, a sub-division of the larger group, will hold three consecutive concerts at Taipei Arena. The twelve members, split on two different flights, landed in Taiwan yesterday. They were greeted by 300 and 500 enthusiastically fans, respectively, upon landing. The boys made sure to wave and smile at their Taiwanese fans as they went through Customs.
Vast “Army” Fills Up 35 Hotel Rooms in Taipei
Members LeeTeuk, YeSung, ShinDong, Choi SiWon, and Zhou Mi landed yesterday afternoon at TaoYuan International Airport at around 1:30; SungMin, HyukJae, DongHae, RyeoWook, and KyuHyun were in Beijing to promote their new Chinese album, and so they landed close to four hours later in Taiwan. The airport had extra security staff on hand to help maintain order.
Immediately upon landing, the boys headed for Taipei Arena to rehearse for tonight’s “Super Show 3″ concert. They brought close to 100 workers with them; all are staying at the Sherwood Hotel in Taipei. They have filled 35 rooms altogether; their “army” is huge!
HeeChul, Wounded in Action in Shanghai, Will Be Arriving Later Today
When Super Junior was performing in Shanghai just a few nights ago, member HeeChul was suddenly struck in the face by a flying pacard from the audience. The corner of his left eye started to bleed; you could see the marks of the injury, still on his face, when they were in the airport, preparing to head back to South Korea. He was originally scheduled to arrive in Taiwan yesterday; his plans, however, changed, and he will now be landing right before the concert begins. His flight schedule (and landtime) have yet to be released; fans are extremely anxious!
SM Adaptation of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
In other news, Super Junior’s management company, SM, announced yesterday that they will be filming their own adaption of the popular Japanese manga, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (affectionately known as Hana-Kimi). The drama is tentatively scheduled to have 16 episodes and will star SM’s own talent. The subject of role assignment– who will play who?– has already turned into a hot topic among SM fans

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