Translation for page 6: -
Super Junior – M continues…their perfection!
Oh ~ Perfection …… how can anyone not let them continue to be perfect! Super Junior-M, after a long absence, is now on Main Characters (主流人物)!
We can say that Super Junior M’s comeback is a better new start~ with ‘new members’ added – Sungmin and Eunhyuk, the band of course will have different big hit! We believe that there’s a lot of people wondering about the feelings and moments between the new combination of Super Junior M. Without taking any more time, let’s bring along ‘Perfection’ and ‘Love is Sweet’ to read what story did Super Junior M shared!
Translated by: Elly @

Translation for page 7: -
1. Kyuhyun admitted that Super Junior M is PER-FEC-TION! – The album is named “Perfection” which is a really great album title! As this is a new start, of course we should start with a perfect impression~ The album is perfect, performances are perfect, members showing off their perfect unique outlook too. But there are a little bit of sacrifices behind all these perfections!
2. Kyuhyun and Siwon : “The ‘new members’ can’t be left out!” – “Newly added members”, Sungmin and Eunhyuk, had been praised by “old members” Donghae, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Henry and Zhoumi that with them joining in Super Junior M had helped a lot!
3. “New members”, Sungmin and Eunhyuk, envy Super Junior M! – Sungmin and Eunhyuk, as new members of SJ-M, have a lot of share with everyone about being a part of Super Junior M. Especially on challenging singing Chinese songs, have they met any problems when singing before? While facing the “older members’” praise, how will they reply?
4. Kyuhyun, Henry love Jay Chou the most! – A popular topic was created because of a Chinese song “Love is Sweet” in Super Junior M’s mini album this time, which was written and composed by Jay Chou and Vincent Fang. At the same time, many netizens are curious about how Super Junior M perform the song Jay Chou wrote! Among the members, Kyuhyun and Henry are the two who really like Jay Chou. When asked about the collaboration with Jay Chou everyone, Kyuhyun always excitedly share his thoughts about it.
Translation for the white chat bubble:-
1. Kyuhyun : The album “Perfection” has two different versions, there are Chinese and Korean version respectively. Due to this, our MV shooting duration were doubled than usual. We almost didn’t sleep well for 2-3 days, it was more tiring. But when the MV came out, I think us 8 members are really “too perfect”!
2. Siwon : Sungmin is like the Liu Bei from the story ‘Three Kingdoms’, he is really merciful and kind, is full of knowledges too. I want to continue work hard and become a man like him!
3. Kyuhyun : Eunhyuk is a person with positive and cheerful personality, he really like to make joke and frequently bring the mood up among us. This makes him an essential member in SJ-M!
4. Sungmin : During the old times, when SJ-M came back to Korea after promotions overseas, they will always show off about how nice the fans were and how delicious the food were in other countries, to be honest, I felt a little envious! Now, I am SJ-M’s maknae (the article printed out wrongly, he is supposed to be the eldest ^^), I will learn more from my ‘sunbaes’! This is my first time trying Chinese songs, the pronunciation were really difficult for me, that’s why Zhoumi always help me. Actually, I was worried before the first recording, but the members said my pronunciation were accurate after the song recording has ended, so I gained more confident~ My pronunciation is even better than Henry, hehe! I promised everyone, I will try my best to learn Chinese, I hope I could communicate with fans in Chinese next time, and when that time comes, I guess I will receive even more loves!
5. Kyuhyun : When I first heard about Jay Chou, I didn’t really pay much attention on him~ Until I watched his movie “A secret which can’t be told”, I was deeply attracted into his charm in the movie, and even re-watched it for more than 10 times! After that, our members and I met Jay Chou in real life when he first collaborate with Korean in Korea, I thought he was really friendly and really like him! When I first listened to the song “Love is Sweet”, I feel that the melody is very nice. So I kept practicing the Chinese lyrics, hoping to sing the song better, but the lyrics are too difficult for me. I wasn’t really satisfied after listening to the outcome of “Love is Sweet” song recording, honestly, I was very nervous during the recording. I like this song very much, and listens to it frequently!
6. Henry : Eventhough the song “Off My Mind” in this album is written by me, maybe because of the reason I listen to it too often, the song is somehow annoying. Actually I like the song Jay Chou and teacher Vincent Fang wrote, “Love is Sweet” most~ I listen to Jay Chou’s song since young, that’s why I really like his songs, I have never thought of this day when we could sing Jay Chou’s written song for us.
Translated by: Elly @

Translation for page 8: -
5.Siwon and Kyuhyun have some artists that they want to work together with !
Since (SJ-M) already conquered into the Chinese market plus there are numerous singers in the Chinese market, regardless Hong Kong, Taiwan or China, have many outstanding and popular artists. Super Junior- M who had only released (their) third album, has already work together with Jay Chou (Zhou Jie Lun) and Vincent Fang (Fang Wen Shan). So (we) believe if next time they have the opportunity (to work together with other artists), there should have some artists that they wish to work together with~ Want to know who is it? Going to reveal now!
6.Zhoumi’s and Henry’s diligently works!
Super Junior- M is not a “buy soy sauce”* group that just conquer into Chinese music market , (they are) a group that are serious when performing, singing, dancing etc, and also very serious toward composing and writing. There are Zhoumi’s and Henry’s works in this album! Although (the works) is not many, both of them honestly said that they are still very persist on composing and writing
*[A/N : "buy soy sauce" (打酱油) is a internet slang which mean something like passer-by, none of my business. For more info , please go to ]
7.Super Juniior- M old and new members disclose each other’s secrets Time!
Although Super Juniior- M had rearrange, the relationship and atmosphere among Super Juniior- M are still harmonious. The 8 members are so harmonious til they can’t hold to disclose each other’s secrets.~ Plus Eunhyuk who is eloquent, joined the group, the atmosphere had become more lively and he is not person that you can messed with. Although (his) Chinese is not very good, (he) still can tease other members all the time !
1st Secret : Are Eunhyuk’s legs more beautiful than ladies’ ?
Eunhyuk : Compare to average girls, my figure is not bad !
Sungmin : Yes~ His legs look very sexy !
Siwon : Just only his leg’s hairs are many when compare to the normal girls !
2nd Secret : Fan asked Donghae for his signature in the middle of the night?
Eunhyuk: We had our concert in China ~ That time, every members had his own room, one fan sneaked into Donghae’s room in the middle of the night. I also don’t know how she do that ~~ Then she keep on calling Donghae by his name, Donghae finally woke up and sign for her !
Kyuhyun : I was in Donghae’s room too. I thought (the fan) is someone that Donghae knew but Donghae thought that I knew her, so at that time, it happened naturally.
Eunhyuk : That fan, Donghae maybe will revenge on you, go to your house and find you !
3rd Secret : Is Kyuhyun really naughty?
Zhoumi : Actually when I teach other members Chinese, is okay. When I corrected them, they will listen. Only Kyuhyun, he is really naughty. Because Kyuhyun’s pronunciation is too good, sometimes I will correct his pronunciation, (I) said the pronunciation seems wrong but he will tease me and said my pronunciation is not correct, and said ” Hyung, your pronunciation is not good” !
Translation for the white chat bubble:-
7. Kyuhyun : I wish I can work together with A-Mei ( Zhang Hui Mei ), just only me ! Haha~
8. Sungmin : I think there are many outstanding singers in Chinese music area, I hope SJ-M have opportunity to work together with many other artists in the Chinese music area.
9 Siwon : Actually through this album, I really feel that there are many outstanding singers in Chinese music area. If need to say the one in my heart that I really want to work together with and that will be my forever hyungnim in my heart, Andy Lau hyung !
10. Henry : There is one song called “Off My Mind” in our album, I wrote this song together with the college friends of my American friend. I wrote the Chinese lyrics by myself but my Chinese standard is not very good so I put in lots of efforts to write this song for everyone. Hope everyone will like this song.
11. Zhoumi : Actuallly I have a dream which is I hope I have a chance to participate in every SJ-M albums’ works ! I wrote three songs’ lyrics in the 1st album and only wrote two songs’ lyrics in the 2nd album. I try to write different types of lyrics like fast song, slow song and I want to try composing too ~ Hope (I) have the chances in the future to create more good music to let everyone listen.
Translation for Photo Captions:-
1. Why Donghae’s and Henry’s actions are so identical ?
2. This is how Eunhyuk look when he is serious !
3. Is Ryeowook “shouted cut” ?
4. Zhoumi’s killer smile !
5. Stare-ing ~
6. Zhoumi singing affectionately VS Sungmin singing with a smile, you like which one ?
7. Always handsome, Siwon !
8. Look-ing ~
Translated by: Atnes @ iZhoumiELF

Translation for page 9 :-
Translation for Photo Captions: –
1. Ryeowook support on Sungmin shoulder!
2. Zhoumi had fun playing the game!
3. Is Kyuhyun instructing Zhoumi to go over there?
4. Sungmin confronting Ryeowook!
5. Donghae small action!
6. Are the both of them punish to perform cute dance?
7. Siwon is full of expression!
8. After whispering to Donghae, Eunhyuk continue to listen to Henry whisper!
9. Is Henry drawing hurdling?
10. Looks like Henry have something to tell Eunhyuk~
11. Eunhyuk missing KTR?
12. This is how a gentleman should look like~
13. This is Super Junior M hand gesture ok!
14. Even with a shock expression, Siwon still look so gentleman!
15. Zhoumi & Siwon playing games, the three of them at the side start chatting away!
16. The start of interviewing…..
17. Siwon continue his gentleman!
18. What private conversation did Ryeowook and Sungmin had?
19. Omo~ Sungmin pinching Henry’s small face!
20. Is Ryeowook daydreaming?
21. The members are having interview in the front, whereas EunHae started their private conversation behind!
Translated by: Flora @

Scanned + Shared by: Munny @
Translated by: Elly + Flora @ iRyeowookELF + Atnes @ iZhoumiELF
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Credits to. SPAO | Shared by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk will stop guesting in <Strong Heart> temporarily due to overseas unit activities.
On the 29th March broadcast of SBS <Strong Heart>, Eunhyuk who brought laughter to the audience together with Teukigayo’s Leeteuk and Shindong (,) expressed that he will be leaving temporarily. Eunhyuk decided to leave temporarily due to his participation in Super Junior’s subunit activities and is not able to continue appearing on <Strong Heart>.
That day, <Strong Heart> presented a golden xylophone as a special present to thank Eunhyuk, drawing laughter.
Meanwhile, Eunhyuk revealed that the most popular Super Junior members in Japan are Sungmin and Leeteuk who both own an adorable appearance, pretty boys Heechul and Siwon for China, and (as for him,) his friendly image is more receiving in Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, attracting laughter.
(omitted similar info)
Leeteuk stated that during this period (,) a new member will take over (Eunhyuk’s position), Eunhyuk expressed “This position is very important, (you) have to hit the xylophone very well.” “In order to do that, the best candidate will be teacher Songhae.”
During the ending, Eunhyuk voiced out “(I’m) very thankful to the support given by (and) “Teukigayo”. I’ll finish the overseas activities promptly and return to the program, (I’ll) will definitely work hard!”
Source: + star news
Chinese translation: bluestream + 佳佳 @ 音悦台
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Re uploaded by : Melisa @
On the March 29th broadcast of SBS’s “Strong Heart“, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk gave fans the sad news that he would be temporarily leaving the show.
During the broadcast, Eunhyuk stated, “I have to go to China and Taiwan to greet fans because of Super Junior-M’s promotions.”
Eunhyuk is well-known for bringing laughter through the ‘Teuk Acadamy’ segment, which he shares with fellow Super Junior members Lee Teuk and Shindong.
Eunhyuk added, “Although it’s short-term, I will successfully complete my overseas activities and return.” The MCs replied sadly, “Eunhyuk-sshi, you can’t be gone…” Meanwhile, the ’Strong Heart’ crew members presented Eunhyuk with a golden xylophone as a special gift, causing everyone on set to laugh.
Although he delivered some sad news, Eunhyuk was quick to enliven the atmosphere by sharing stories about how the Super Junior members were ranked, depending on the country. Cute faces like Sungmin and Lee Teuk’s are popular in Japan, while handsome looks like Siwon and Heechul’s are popular in China. In places like Thailand and Malaysia, members with friendly charms like himself connect well with the audience.
Are you sad to see Eunhyuk go? And do you agree with his analysis?
Source: Osen via Nate
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Yesung just said (At Sukira tonight) that he’s going to donate Ddangkoma tomorrow ! He said it’s because Ddangkoma is too big to be kept that’s why he’s giving him out… that’s why he bought kkoming? :/
“Ddangkkoma is land turtle, Don’t put him in water. He can’t swim…” and he also said , “Let’s meet 80 years later. I’m really sorry to send you away…”
Credits: the_chess @ twitter
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Yesung & Turtles
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@special1004: @donghae861015 Donghae-yah, how can you make a comparison between you and an iPark*…
@special1004: so this is what it feels like to be on twitter using iPad ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
*He actually typed 아이파크 (iPark?) instead of 아이패드 (iPad) xD
Source: @special1004
Translated by: @13elieveSG and @TwELFs
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Super Junior’s subunit [ SJ-M ] Super Junior-M fulfilled their plans for a long stay in Taiwan, and members Siwon and Donghae will be filming GTV’s idol drama “Extravagant Challenge”. Although they have yet to meet both the female leads Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai, Zhoumi is already expressing concern about Donghae’s height disparity, afraid that he will look like a dwarf next to model Bianca Bai. Zhoumi suggested while laughing “Don’t stand next to her!”
Siwon, Donghae will be staying in Taiwan for 4 months
In order for SJ-M to expand in the Chinese music industry, plans were made through the Taiwan owned management agency Fulongstars for the 8 members to quietly arrive in Taiwan to begin their 4-month residency program. Their previous album was nominated for the Golden Melody Awards, and their new album “Perfection” has surpassed 20,000 copies. Zhoumi said: “This time we are placing our focus in Taiwan, if “Perfection” can once again be nominated, that will be too perfect!”
It’s Siwon and Donghae’s first attempt to film a Taiwanese idol drama, and they are expected to stay in Taiwan for 4 months. Two of them will be meeting both the female leads Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai for the first time and prior to the press conference on the 31st, and Siwon who had already seen pictures of them expressed using Chinese: “I feel that they are very beautiful and it’s an honour for me to be able to film a drama together with them.” On the other hand, Donghae who stands at 177cm was teased by Zhoumi saying that it would be best for him not to stand next to Bianca Bai, in case he would be dwarfed.
Donghae joked that kiss scenes are filmed for the audience
When they were asked if they would film kiss scenes, Siwon answered: “The original comic does contain kiss scenes, however, as I have yet to receive the script, I’m not sure if there will be such scenes.” Donghae on the other hand stressed that kiss scenes are important, he replied laughing: “It’s not something I personally want! It’s something that audiences would love to watch, romance drama is something everybody likes.” Eunhyuk who was present joked saying: “Donghae always practices kiss scenes with his manager.”
As for other members’ plans in Taiwan, other than learning Chinese, they wish to have other forms of development. Donghae and Kyuhyun joint hands to create laughter, they both spoke using Mandarin “Our prices are negotiable, be it food or beverage (advertisements), we are okay with it.” But when they were asked if there are any places that they wish to visit, Donghae answered helplessly: “We can’t really get out of our dorm because many fans will be following.” With that we hope that fans can give them some personal space to assimilate into Taipei’s lifestyle.
SOURCE: Yahoo Taiwan
Translated by: KyU Is L♥Ve @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared & edited by: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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After a successful Super Show 3 performance and warm reception in Hong Kong, the members of Super Junior M will be staying in Taiwan for an estimated 2 months, and have a few things to say regarding it.
The members stressed that although they’d love to go out and explore the area more, the amount of fans following them when they go out is too much to deal with, indicating they are still wary of possible accidents.
Though members Donghae and Siwon do have filming in Korea, the other members were open to endorsements and commercials, as they have hired a teacher to instruct them in Mandarin, should the fans lessen their constant following of them.
Despite that, they did state that they had gone to a few places in the area. Zhou Mi stated that they went to the Shih Lin Night Market, and ate at famous restaurant, while Henry also treated the members to Taiwanese-style fried chicken. When asked if they had tried other cuisine, they stated again that they weren’t able to go out often due to the crowds. They finished off by saying that they do hope to eventually be able to move more freely throughout the area, and interact with fans on a better level, as they are going to stay for a longer duration than normal.
Sources: SJ World and Yahoo! Taiwan (via
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Take out with Full credits

Credit: Apple daily TW | shared by ♥~pinkninja & Blue★Princez @
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The annual Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival was held on March 23rd where famous singers from different countries in Asia attended. Among the many talented singers were William Chan from Hong Kong, Wu Qiong from Mainland China, group SIGMA from Taiwan, The Boss from Korea, Tay Kewei from Singapore, and the band Bunkface from Malaysia.
Although William Chan had an advantage of being in his native country, the award were snatched by his tough competitors. After the news of their new Japanese songs, The Boss took home the Best Stage Performance Award at the music festival. At this, William Chan said, “I have always wanted the Best Stage Performance Award, and I rehearsed very hard this time, but I will have to work harder. Even though I lost, I admit my defeat. To be able to see singers from different countries perform, it is very rare chance.” He stated that he was very nervous as he waited for the results, but lost to The Boss in the end by several points.
Super Junior-M also attended the concert. Although they did not win any awards, they were the most popular group. A great portion of the venue were filled by SJ-M fans. When they came out, the audience would not stop screaming. In a backstage interview after the festival, Kyuhyun stated that he was very nervous when he saw so many fans screaming and cheering for them. Siwon added that he wanted to thank everyone because it felt like they sang at their own concert.
Sources:, deepskybluememorize, wanjailoveu, jiehany8691 (vis
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Click here to watch the boys performances 
Note: Picture above was found seperately and was not included in the original article.
Credit for picture:
Take out with Full and Proper credits
Image Hosted by
He gathered attention for confessing that his affection for Han Gain, Yun Junghoon’s wife, has not been altered.
On the episode of MBC Everyone’s Foresight which will air on March 30th, singer Kim Taewoo and KCM came as guests and taught how to sing soulfully.
On the day of filming, Super Junior 3 MC (Leeteuk, Shindong, Donghae) were very intimate and knew a lot of each other, so suggested recommend each other their ideal types. To this KCM chose Kim Hyesoo as Kim Taewoo’s ideal type while Kim Taewoo chose Han Jimin as KCM’s ideal type.
To this, Donghae, who successfully became a replacement MC of Yesung, chose Leeteuk’s ideal type. As soon as a picture of Han Gain, Leeteuk’s ideal type since a long time ago, came into the studio, the studio became chaotic. Leeteuk made everybody laugh, as he held the picture to his chest and looked as though about to cry as he noticed a rip in the picture, noting that there was a “rip” in her head.
Donghae’s choice of Leeteuk’s ideal type will be fully revealed on March 30th, 11PM through MBC Everyone’s ‘Super Junior’s Foresight’.
Source: bntnews
Translated by Jee (

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Credits to. 吳建恆KEN | Shared by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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@AllRiseSilver: EunSiHae in Taiwan. It’s a good thing ‘cos (my) friends are here, members are here^^
Source: @AllRiseSilver
Translated by: @sujutr4ns

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After a successful Super Show 3 performance and warm reception in Hong Kong, the members of Super Junior M will be staying in Taiwan for an estimated 2 months, and have a few things to say regarding it.
The members stressed that although they’d love to go out and explore the area more, the amount of fans following them when they go out is too much to deal with, indicating they are still wary of possible accidents.
Though members Donghae and Siwon do have filming in Korea, the other members were open to endorsements and commercials, as they have hired a teacher to instruct them in Mandarin, should the fans lessen their constant following of them.
Despite that, they did state that they had gone to a few places in the area. Zhou Mi stated that they went to the Shih Lin Night Market, and ate at famous restaurant, while Henry also treated the members to Taiwanese-style fried chicken. When asked if they had tried other cuisine, they stated again that they weren’t able to go out often due to the crowds. They finished off by saying that they do hope to eventually be able to move more freely throughout the area, and interact with fans on a better level, as they are going to stay for a longer duration than normal.
What do you think of their thoughts?
Sources: SJ World and Yahoo! Taiwan, koreaboo
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RT editorjinu @siwon407 누구랑 대화하시나요? ㅋㅋ 니 옆에 있는 여자 표정봐 대박!!!
@editorjinu 난 대만이야 ^^ 갑자기 그때 생각이나네.. 짧은시간이였지만 고생많았어형 ^^*
All that times.. In its place! Miss that time :(
RT editorjinu .@siwon407 who are you talking to? ㅋㅋ the lady beside you, her expression is daebak!

@siwon407 @editorjinu I’m in Taiwan ^^ Suddenly thought of that time (of the photoshoot).. Although it was for a short while, you’d gone through a lot of trouble, Hyung ^^
All that times.. In its place! Miss that time :(
Source: siwon407
Translation by: @qianology & @sujutr4ns

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Super Junior’s member Donghae revealed the fact that he invested in Shindong’s PC bang.
Donghae participated as a temporary MC in the recent taping of MBC Every1′s Super Junior’s Foresight to fill in for Yesung who was sick. Donghae demonstrated his great hosting skills and made everyone laugh in every segment of the show, putting to shame the fact that it was his first time being an MC.
To test their lung capacity, the MCs and guests played soccer by blowing air through their lips. They lost the game and had to receive a penalty. When Donghae and Leeteuk had to curry favor with Shindong, Donghae brought up the subject of Shindong’s newly opened PC bang.
Leeteuk quickly advertised Shindong’s PC bang and Donghae then revealed that he financially helped Shindong to open up the PC bang. Kim Taewoo who appeared as a guest commented that nothing can beat financial support, filling the studio with laughter.
The story about Donghae’s investment in Shindong’s PC bang will be revealed on MBC Every1′s Super Junior’s Foresight, Wednesday March 30 at 11PM.

Source: Bntnews
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Sorry that the picture is what it is, but I don’t have a scanner
Finnish news paper “Savon Sanomat” published an article about K-pop.
And who else than Super Junior is in the picture, they represent hallyu wave the best. This is really special, because it’s the front cover!
The article only mentions Super Junior couple times:
“One of the most popular groups in Korea and most well-known k-pop band in the western side of the globe, is 12-membered Super Junior who for example has their own tv-shows etc.”
And under the picture it says:
“Boyband Super Junior are maybe the most well-known k-pop group in West. They are also known by names SJ, Super J., Super Jr and SuJu.
And then there’s a recommendation box which k-pop songs you should definetly listen:
Beast – Shock
Big Bang – Haru Haru
F(x) – La Cha Ta
Girl’s Generation – Oh!
SHINee – Hello
Super Junior – Bonamana
TVXQ – Mirotic
Wonder Girls – Nobody
2NE1 – Clap your hands
2PM – Again & Again
Original text: Kristiina Pänkäläinen
Translation and pictures: Kio @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Popular South Korean group Super Junior’s subunit SJ-M came to Hong Kong the other day to participate in the Asian-Pop Music Festival; it was the first time that SJ-M came to Hong Kong with a new lineup after ex-group leader Han Geng had left the group, and new member Eunhyuk did not deny that he wanted to take the opportunity to do some sight-seeing around Hong Kong. SJ-M, which has been established for 3 years, showed significant improvement in their command of the Chinese language, and they expressed their wish to work with the Hong Kong artsits, even listing Andy Lau as their first choice!
During the interview the other night, SJ-M, which had transformed into an 8-membered group, expressed that they were very delighted to be able to come to Hong Kong this time, as they have not set foot in the country for almost two years, andthat they missed the Hong Kong fans a lot. In addition, Eunhyuk expressed that he came to Hong Kong before for the sake of their concerts and also as the filming location for their photobook, (and said that) “Since I was young, I’ve heard a lot of stories from others that the night view of Hong Kong is very breathtaking, I hope that I would have the chance to take a look myself.”
As for Chinese member Zhou Mi, he said that although he “lives” close by, but he also expressed that he would like to try the gourmet food in Hong Kong.
Aside from that, Sungmin, whom is also setting foot in Hong Kong under the identity of an SJ-M member for the first time, also said that after joining SJ-M, the most unforgettable moment was when they were filming for the MV of their new song “Perfection”, because they had a Korean and a Chinese version each, so it was really taxing to film two MVs on the same day.
Kyuhyun feels happy while listening to Jay Chou’s song
Using Chinese, Kyuhyun said that in their new album 《Perfection》 this time, the song that he loves the most is 《Love Is Sweet》 (《幸福微甜》), which was composed by Jay Chou, “because when I listen to the melody of the song I feel very blessed, so I like it a lot. (However) it’s very difficult to sing to, and the lyrics are really fast.”
Nevertheless, he praised that the emotions in Siwon’s interpretation (of the song) was very good. SJ-M also mentioned that, if they had the chance, they would like to work with Andy Lau, and laughed while pointing out that “We want to allow Andy Lau and Henry Lau to work together”*. Zhou Mi also pointed out that he really likes Kay Tse and Joey Yung, and hopes that they are able to have a duet with the Hong Kong female artists in their next album.
Donghae invites fans to meet in dreams
SJ-M has been established for almost three years, and the members’ command of the Chinese language have shown significant improvement, and when asked who was the most fluent (in the language), Siwon revealed that, “Actually each of the members are good in saying different things; for example, Donghae is the best in basic conversational Chinese, while Kyuhyun is more familiar with literature and poetic phrases, and I’m good in business-related words.” Ryeowook added that, perhaps it was because he was also involved in composing, so whenever he records an album in Chinese, his pronunciation will automatically become more natural than the previous time. Zhou Mi’s Cantonese also showed a vast improvement, and could converse quite fluently (in the dialect). Aside from that, Eunhyuk expressed that there would be times where they would use the wrong language in different places, (saying that) “There was one time when I went to Italy, and I said ‘xie xie’**, and while working in the country, I would sometimes accidentally speak in Japanese. There are also times where I would mix several languages together.”
Ryeowook and Donghae also showed off their abilities in speaking the Chinese language at the scene. Ryeowook turned to the fans and said, “In order to get closer to everyone, we will do our best to participate in more television programmes, fanmeetings, performances and more, hope that everyone will support us, thank you everyone.” Donghae, on the other hand, and expressed affectionately that, “Tonight, when everyone is asleep, then come into my dreams. When you want to watch concerts and programmes, you have to purchase the tickets and queue up (for the shows). But if you come into my dreams, you don’t have to purchase tickets nor queue up. When you come into my dreams, please give me a call, thank you everyone, good night.” It is believed that the fans will definitely go to bed early, and anticipate Donghae’s appearance. On the other hand, SJ-M, who hasn’t met the fans in Hong Kong through shows in a long while, hopes that they would be able to meet with the fans, and pointed out that if they release their 5th album, they would hold some activities (in Hong Kong).
* For those who can’t really get the joke, it’s because Andy Lau’s (Liu De Hua/刘德华) and Henry’s (Liu Xian Hua/刘宪华) Chinese names only differ by virtue of the middle character.
** Xie Xie = thank you in Chinese.

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When the topic turned to rooms during today’s tea with some journalists, the members had a small story they wanted to share:
The members have a routine when it comes to room assignments, and that is,
They’ll draw eight straight lines and some horizontal lines, and everyone chooses one line to walk on,
And whichever room they end up in is theirs! (Some rooms are bigger than others, this time, each of them gets their own room)
In the end, Henry, who brought over 100 kilos of luggage picked the smallest room,
(100 kilos of luggage?? Henry is really only staying for a little over two months??)
The members laughed at him: Everyday, Henry comes back to his room hugging his instruments and cases, crying…!
And then, Henry’s “dream lover” appeared,
Donghae volunteered to switch rooms with him.
“Because I’m your hyung, and I’m a good person!”
Henry replied with a hand gesture and: “I love you!”
Don’t think Donghae only says sweet words,
volunteering to switch to a smaller room means he’s the one to lose out,
the “dream lover” is a really considerate, tender hyung!
Also, I think what Ryeowook wants to say is, they’ve taken a lot of photos in Taiwan this time,
but the reason they haven’t posted them on Twitter is, because of the recent natural disaster in Japan, so many people are suffering, so they really cannot post photos of themselves shopping, eating, and hanging out in their dorms!
Also, Eunhyuk’s food problem, the staff will try their best to find him Korean food. Like during dinner, the other members chose to have Korean food because of Eunhyuk, and when they finished they also ordered “tofu stew” and three packs of noodles for him!”
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In  the evening on March 26th, the Stars Concert led by Han Geng took   place at the Hunan International Convention & Exhibition Center.    Because it was his first stage appearance in Changsha after such a long   time, Han Geng’s appearance in the evening surely made Gengfans  excited.   After performing <Holding an Umbrella>, <My  Logo>,  <Love Letter to a Stranger> and <Heartache,  Notebook>, Han  Geng revealed that he is now preparing his second  album.
Three days before the concert in Changsha, Han Geng  attended Da S and  Wang Shaofei’s wedding together with the <My  Kingdom> crew.  After  spending few months filming together, the film  crew has established a  strong friendship.  Therefore, Han Geng invited  the film’s second female  lead, Annie Ye, to the concert.
At  the concert venue, Annie Ye highly praised Han Geng as a kind-hearted   man and that he worked very hard during filming.  Nonetheless, Annie Ye   who always gives striking comments also said, “Actually Han Geng is   very repressed in private and keeps things only to himself.  (I) hope   everyone can give him more care and love.”
Last June, Han Geng  held a show case to formally declare going solo at  the Great Wall.  On  July 17th, he held his first-ever solo concert  marking a decisive step  after going solo.  “Geng Xin Concert” meant much  to Han Geng.  At the  (Changsha) concert, Han Geng also promised his  fans that he would hold a  concert as soon as possible after release of  the second album.

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Super Junior Eunhyuk revealed the thigh muscles of f(x) member Luna.
Luna expressed on the 22th broadcast of <Strong Heart> “As compared to the other members in the group who are either slim or tall, I’m the only one with a healthy image.” creating topic.
Luna complained bitterly “Even if (I) did not do much exercise, my muscles are still good. When taking photos, the muscles look well-defined, (I) had went through much sufferings because of this.” “My (online) search key terms will appear <Muscle thighs>, <Wayne Luna> words like this.”
Eunhyuk who appeared in <Strong Heart> on the same day with Luna, disclosed photos of Luna’s thigh muscles, and stated “When going to the gym with Luna to do some leg muscles exercise, I could only manage to add on the weights to 120 kg, but Luna was able to handle the 320 kg effortlessly.” resulting in laughter within the studio.
Fans expressed “Even so (,) she’s still very pretty” etc.

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On the 25th of March, Michael Kim aka Chance updated his fans that he is currently back in the studio to produce some tracks. He also said that more collaborations are to follow as well.
Concluding his new revelation, he further hinted that it’s with the members of 2PM and another one with DH, which is believed to be Donghae. One Way has been specifically close with 2PM’s Junsu and Super Junior’s Donghae so a new collaboration with the two idol group members is highly possible.
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Super Junior M (SJ-M)’s Siwon and Donghae will be in Taipei recording an Idol drama “Extravagant Challenge”. Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Henry, and Zhou Mi will be on the stage too. 

The eight people will be staying until the end of May, during this time, they will be filming a game show and a program introducing Taiwan’s local specialty goods and tourist attractions, to be aired on Azio TV. They will also be going on various recordings, holding fan meetings, and learning Mandarin and Taiwanese.

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Having arrived in Taipei last Thursday, it was revealed that the Super Junior-M members would be staying in Taiwan for two months to promote their latest mini-album, “Perfection
SJ-M is a sub-unit of Super Junior’s and their members consist of Si Won, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry, Zhou Mi, Eunhyuk and Sungmin.
The boys will be staying in a rented apartment, and are scheduled to take Mandarin lessons everyday from a local teacher. Out of the eight members, Si Won and Donghae have been described as being the most adept at the language. Si Won has been learning Mandarin for three years now, and is able to converse fluently. As for Donghae, he feels that he is really good at pronouciation, and is really skilled at pick-up lines.
Hilariously, Kyuhyun remarked, “His prounciation is really terrible!”
Eunhyuk is still adjusting to the local cuisine, and bought a big bundle of kimchi from a market the day before. As for Sungmin, he seems to have adapted really well. The star commented, “I am eating very well, I think I put on weight.” Meanwhile, Henry said, “My mum is in Taipei, so she cooked salt baked chicken for us.”
Although they would like to tour Taipei, the sight of fans hiring vehicles and chasing them around has led them to becoming a bit more reclusive instead. Donghae sighed, “I wish we could tour Taipei normally and we hope that fans don’t stick to us so closely and give us some private space.”
Besides promoting with SJ-M, Donghae and Si Won will also be staying an additional two months to film for the Taiwanese drama, “Extravagant Challenge“, opposite Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai.
Although neither have met the girls yet, Zhou Mi is already worrying about Donghae’s height disparity and joked, “Don’t stand next to her!”
Si Won already peeped the girls’ photos, and said in Mandarin, “I think they are really pretty and it’s an honor to be filming the drama with them.”
As for kissing scenes, Si Won expressed, “I understand that there are kissing scenes in the comic, but I have not gotten the script yet, so I do not know.” Donghae however stressed on the importance of having kiss scenes, “It’s not that I want it, but the viewers. Everyone loves romance.”
Eunhyuk joked, “Donghae always practices kiss scenes with his manager.”
Since their last album got nominated at the Golden Melody Awards, Zhou Mi is hoping for yet another nomination with their new album, which has already sold 20,000 copies thus far in Taiwan. He said, “We are focusing our efforts in Taiwan this time and if “Perfection” gets nominated, it will be perfection!”

Source: Apple Daily Taiwan, ifensi Taiwan
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@donghae861015: my darlings i’m donghai!i’m at the dorm in taiwan!today’s weather is not good, raining!so wear more clothes when sleeping!
@donghae861015: Careful not to catch a cold !! I love you all !! 

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