When the topic turned to rooms during today’s tea with some journalists, the members had a small story they wanted to share:
The members have a routine when it comes to room assignments, and that is,
They’ll draw eight straight lines and some horizontal lines, and everyone chooses one line to walk on,
And whichever room they end up in is theirs! (Some rooms are bigger than others, this time, each of them gets their own room)
In the end, Henry, who brought over 100 kilos of luggage picked the smallest room,
(100 kilos of luggage?? Henry is really only staying for a little over two months??)
The members laughed at him: Everyday, Henry comes back to his room hugging his instruments and cases, crying…!
And then, Henry’s “dream lover” appeared,
Donghae volunteered to switch rooms with him.
“Because I’m your hyung, and I’m a good person!”
Henry replied with a hand gesture and: “I love you!”
Don’t think Donghae only says sweet words,
volunteering to switch to a smaller room means he’s the one to lose out,
the “dream lover” is a really considerate, tender hyung!
Also, I think what Ryeowook wants to say is, they’ve taken a lot of photos in Taiwan this time,
but the reason they haven’t posted them on Twitter is, because of the recent natural disaster in Japan, so many people are suffering, so they really cannot post photos of themselves shopping, eating, and hanging out in their dorms!
Also, Eunhyuk’s food problem, the staff will try their best to find him Korean food. Like during dinner, the other members chose to have Korean food because of Eunhyuk, and when they finished they also ordered “tofu stew” and three packs of noodles for him!”
Credits: SUPER DOME STAFF, Hou Wenyan 2011.3.28
translated by evaporate @ twitter
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