Super Junior’s Shindong has become a businessman with the opening of his PC room. On March 2nd, Shindong tweeted: “Shindong’s DraQula PC Castle! Myeonmok store now open! We’re opening on ‘back to school’ day. P.S: Come to see who is at the counter. The store is located 50 meters away from Sagajung station.”

Along with his tweet, Shindong also revealed a promotional advertisement for his PC room in which he is dressed like the vampire, Dracula, and holds a sign that says “It’s still PC room? Now it’s PC castle!”
Netizens have supported Shindong by leaving comments such as, “Shindong’s business daebak!” and “I hope your business flourishes.”
Note: PC rooms (in Korean: PC bang) are net cafes where many Koreans go to play online games for an hourly fee. The concept was popularized with the release of StarCraft and has continued to be a huge part of Korean internet culture.

Source: Korea Economy
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