KBS 2FM’s “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (SuKiRa)” celebrated their 5th anniversary!
On August 21st, the program will be comprised of all the unforgettable memories and stories they’ve collected over the last five years.
The members also plan on talking with their listeners about what each individual feels they are ‘No.1′ or the best at, and what the listeners feel is ‘No.1′ about ‘SuKiRa’.
SuKiRa DJs Leeteuk and Eunhyuk will now also be the first ever idol-group members to hold down a radio DJ gig for as long as five years, surpassing Fin.K.L Ock Ju Hyun’s record of four years.
Loyal SuKiRa listeners congratulated SuJu on their five years as they called in and said, “Already 5 years! Thank you for always being so pleasant and entertaining! We hope you stay on the air for a long time to come“, “I hope to celebrate SuKiRa’s 50th anniversary as well!“, “Everyone including the staff worked so hard,”, “Thank you for being on the radio,” and “I hope you guys never change.”
Their international fans also called in to shar their congratulatory messages. A fan from Malaysia said, “Congratulations! You are No.1 in Malaysia!” Additionally, a listener from Thailand wished them a happy fifth anniversary, remarking, “Congratulations! I know I am all the way in Thailand, but I listen every night and even went to Korea because of SuKiRa. I hope you guys stay on the air for a long, long time!
Source: Newsen via Nate
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